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GameHouse Promotion Network

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GameHouse uses a proprietary recommendation & yield optimization solution developed to drive industry leading eCPM’s for iOS & Android mobile app developers.

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Our advanced recommendation & yield optimization system enables publishers to maximize their mobile advertising revenue without lifting a finger. We even enable you to manage the yield between your own cross-promotional campaigns and our paid advertising campaigns, automatically.

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We want to help you find the best users for your app. With our user based recommendation system and network scale we can find the signal through the noise to deliver you high quality mobile users at scale.

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The GameHouse Promotion Network features an open source SDK for iOS & Android and includes plugins for all major development platforms such as Unity, Marmalade, and Adobe AIR. With our javascript driven service layer, SDK updates are minimal enabling iOS & Android app developers to spend more time building games and less time updating SDK’s.

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How does it work?

App marketers and developers can utilize the GPN in a variety of ways: use the GPN to promote only your own apps, or, use the GameHouse Promotion network to monetize your apps. App monetization and promotion is made easy within the GPN dashboard by enabling developers to automatically optimize their yield based on the value of a cross promotion install vs. paid advertising.

Are users converting?

Yes! So far, we have seen average conversion rates over 1% (1 install per 100 impressions). This conversion rate is a result of multiple factors, including: enhanced interstitial creative with a clear call to action, the inclusion of app trailer videos, genre and user based recommendation models to display the most appropriate offer to users, and our focus on casual games. We expect that over time the conversion rate will decrease over time, but our focus on user based recommendation models will keep it above industry averages.

How well do you pay?

Given our focus on keeping our conversion rates high, and the existing market for installs, app developers who monetize their apps with the GameHouse Promotion Network can expect to earn between $5 – $30 eCPM.

What platforms are supported?

As of today we provide native SDK’s for iOS & Android. We also provide iOS & Android plugins for Unity, Marmalade, Corona, and Adobe AIR. We are currently reviewing plans to implement a plugin for Game Maker Studios to ensure that as many developers as possible can utilize the GameHouse Promotion Network. If we don’t currently support your development platform, drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list!

Another SDK, seriously?

SDK bloat is a real thing and we absolutely recognize that app developers and marketers must justify every new SDK that goes in to their app(s). We have, however, made the decision easier by doing two unique things. First, the GameHouse Promotion Network SDK is <100kb helping to keep your app size manageable. Second, the SDK is open source – no black boxes here! If you’d like to review  the SDK to see how easy it is before you get started, just go here.

What else do you recommend for app promotion?

App promotion and marketing is difficult and increasingly expensive for app developers and publishers. In the GameHouse Partners blog, we cover a variety a topics about how you can effectively market your apps. If you have additional app marketing questions, or just want to talk shop, please drop us a line!

What are the benefits & risks to joining the GameHouse Promotion Network?

First, we’ve made integration incredibly easy with open source native SDK’s and we make support minimal using our proprietary javascript layer. Second, our recommendation system gets smarter every day – ensuring your monetization opportunities are fully optimized. Third, we care about developers – if you have questions, just email us and we’ll respond in a snap.

Can I generate revenue with the GPN?

Yes! As of this October 2014 app developers can use the GameHouse Promotion Network to increase their revenue. In fact, we enable app developers to easily optimize their inventory between cross & paid promotion. Simply tell the system how much an install of your app is worth to you and we will optimize the ads we show based on the probability of an install & yield.

Can I use GPN with other networks?

Of course! Despite being biased toward GPN, we fundamentally believe that all app developers and publishers (GameHouse included) should utilize multiple sources for app promotion, user acquisition and monetization. The GPN works with mediation layers like admob and MoPub and plays “nice” with other offerings available on the market. Given that this is a new initiative for GameHouse we invite and welcome all developers & publishers to provide us with feedback on the types of features, reporting, et al they would like to see implemented in the GameHouse Promotion Network!

How do I start?

It’s easy, in fact! Simply click the “Get Started” button, fill out the form, and someone will get in touch to set you up with everything you need. In the meantime, check out our blog for fantastic tips & tricks to improve your app marketing and drive more app downloads.


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