App Marketing Conversations: ASO & Consumer Feedback

by GameHouse

In this weeks App Marketing Conversations, Ryan Morel of GameHouse, Robi Ganguly of Apptentive and Ian Sefferman of MobileDevHQ discussed how app store optimization (ASO) & obtaining actual consumer feedback can help app marketers make data driven decisions leading to more app downloads. Make sure to check out the other segments from Apptentive & MobileDevHQ!

Watch the video here, or the transcript below.

Ryan: Hi and welcome to another episode of App Marketing Conversations. I am Ryan Morel with GameHouse. As always I’m here with Ian Sefferman of MobileDevHQ, Robi Ganguly of Apptentive, how are you guys doing this morning?

Robi: Doing well.

Ian: Fantastically.

Ryan: Good. Is that a-that’s a word, right?

Ian: It is.

Ryan: You just don’t hear it that often.

Ian: It feels like you should say it more often.

Ryan: It does. I’m going to. I’m totally going to steal that. Great. So today I think we’re going to spend a little bit of time talking about MobileDevHQ and Apptentive, introduce you to the Game House audience, make sure people, they’ve been hearing your opinions on app marketing for the last couple months now, so I want to make sure they actually know what you guys do.

So, maybe, Ian, you can start and kind of give us the high-level overview of MobileDevHQ and, yeah.

Ian: Yeah. So the thirty second version is we’re an app store optimization start-up. So we help app marketers rank highly in app store search, we help them understand how the app store is working and drive more organic downloads. So those are downloads that are generally free, and super high quality. the users have shown intent, they’re not, you know, they’re not randomly clicking on a banner, they’re certainly not incentiveized, so they’re going to drive high ROI on the organic side of the world. And we help them do that.

Ryan: Okay.

Rubi: So, Apptentive, we’re the easiest way for every company with an app to talk with their customers. And what I mean by that is, you know, people use your app and they’re inside your software and most companies today don’t really use that as a channel to talk to people, but that’s actually the best place to get them and figure out what you can do well by them and how you can make your app better and how you can get them to come back on a regular basis. Everything from powering support and feedback to getting more and better ratings and intercepting negative feedback to doing real-time market research using surveys. We do all of that inside the app without you having to launch a lot of code every time you make changes and ship updates to App Store.

Ryan: Cool. Okay, so Ian, app store optimization for search sounds really interesting, but why should, I mean, you talked a little bit about this, but expand on why should a developer or publisher care about search ranking?

Ian: So I think there’s a few factors in there. The first is that it’s easy to generate downloads. It’s one of the best ways to generate downloads. And then as you build-, on average our customers see typically a 20% increase in their downloads, which is phenomenal. Right?

If you could get 20% more downloads for free, like why wouldn’t you?

And then I think the second part to it is sort of that math equation which if you look at, if you look at sort of how much many developers, especially in the game space are spending on downloads, I think the latest numbers that I saw probably from fixyou [sounds like 2:58] to get a loyal user was like $1.50, right? And so if you’re an app that has a million downloads a month, and you, our product is at its max a few thousand dollars a month, which is our enterprise side, if you’re a self-service you can get it for $125 a month. But if you’re thinking about, you have a million downloads a month, and you have a 1% increase because of what you’re doing with ASO, that’s 10,000 downloads, that would be the equivalent of spending $15,000. So you’re saving tens of thousands of dollars per month by doing ASO and at the same time, the users that you’re getting, whereas if you were doing poor advertising, they might not stick around very long. They’re probably not going to be super loyal on the paid side. Whereas in ASO you’re almost guaranteed that they’re going to be good, right, because they’re searching for the things that you are offering.

Ryan: Yeah.

Ian: So, generally the ROI on it is massive and there’s almost no risk involved.

Robi: There’s another aspect of this, we hear from our customers who use you guys, they learn more, right? They understand more about the market, who cares and whose finding that stuff. And I think that, you know I totally underestimated in ROI, but most of us are early in this game and learning more faster gives us competitive advantage, right?

Ian: Yup.

Ryan: That’s a totally great point. So, what percentage of total downloads come from search?

Ian: So, it’s a super hard thing to figure out. And obviously it depends on how much your paying as well. The statistic that always gets thrown around is not necessarily the percentage of downloads that come from search, but the percentage of consumers who find apps through search. And that one it turns out like, a few people have talked about it, so Forrester did a study, Nielsen did a study, they both came out to 65% of consumers search for apps. That doesn’t include the top charts, doesn’t include social, shared things from a friend, doesn’t include that. So 65% of that and that makes that search the largest channel, and then, like Google has talked about how the vast majority of downloads on Google Play come from search.

Ryan: Yeah.

Ian: So, it’s a large number.

Ryan: Yeah, Okay. So, Robi, you and I have known each other for a while and I think early on one of the things you guys had trouble with is getting people to really understand why they should care, right?

Robi: Yup.

Ryan: Because apps were at that point little widget like and it was kind of like, we’re going to get a user, we’ll try to make some money off of them and then we’re going to throw them away. So tell us a little bit about how things have changed in the two years or so since you guys have been around.

Robi: Yeah, so I would say two main things have changed. One is, people are coming to realize that ratings, reviews are a tremendous problem/opportunity in the app store. So when you think about the app store optimization, step one is having people find your app and see your app store page. But then step two is making sure that people convert when they see your app store page.

For every company, it’s very democratizing, for every company in the app store, you have to actually show that customer your app store page before they download your app. They just don’t do them blindly, they get to evaluate that. And so when they get there, they see the ratings and reviews. What have other people said? Is this worth my time? It doesn’t matter if it’s free or not, right? Is it worth my time to download this? And so making sure that you have happy customers, that they’re delighted, that they’re saying great things in the app store is a really big problem that faces most companies large and small and as people have woken up to that pain, they’ve really come to us and said ‘Okay how do I actually make sure that my happy customers are saying good things and how do I make sure that people who are unhappy have an outlet to me, as opposed to the app store?’ The app store is a horrible place for that kind of dialogue or ranting more often than not.

Ryan: Yeah.

Robi: And most people understand that at this point. Or I guess most is probably still too much, but more people understand that now than two years ago. So that’s number one, and then the second thing I would say is that early on in the app store a lot of apps were just made by companies who were just focused on making apps. Today apps are made by large commerce companies that actually sell product in-person as well as online, through their mobile apps. Large travel companies that help people book travel plans, companies that do lots of media and entertainment, right, so these large companies, they’re moving to the mobile space are very aware of what it means to have a lifetime customer, not just a one-time download. And so when they think about ‘How do I keep a lifetime mobile customer?’ they ask ‘What’s it look like to engage with these people in this channel?’ And then they come to us and say ‘It looks like you have the tools that can help us do that’.

Ryan: Yeah. So to summarize basically, early on people didn’t really take the opportunity around the app store to have consumer engagement really all that seriously. Now that they’re seeing that hey, there’s potential for big business and to connect with consumers in a really meaningful way, your software becomes really important to them.

Robi: Yeah, and I tend to believe that there’s another aspect, which is just as we continue moving forward in time, companies are waking up to the fact that they should take care of us and they should listen to us. And I think that’s what’s exciting for us, right? We believe companies should treat their customers better and so as more companies believe the same thing, they’re looking for tools and it turns out there are very few to actually talk with customers and try do that.

Ryan: Yeah. Cool. So, Ian, anything else you want to add about yourself or MobileDevHQ?

Ian: Come check us out, we have a free plan forever, so it’s free to try, free to play with, and feel free to always reach out to me directly if you have any questions at all.

Ryan: Okay,

Ian: Indeed.

Ryan: Robi?

Robi: Similar deal, we have a free plan that gets you started. We’re always happy to help out. We talk with companies large and small all the time about the best ways to communicate with your customers and we’re at And I’m Robi, that’s R-O-B-I Always happy to talk directly.

Ryan: Fantastic. Okay. Thanks very much for watching, make sure to ‘Like’ this video, subscribe to our channel and make sure to watch the other segments.

By Ryan Morel


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