5 Biggest Pay-Per-Install Advertising Mistakes

by GameHouse

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for download on various app marketplaces and the challenge for developers and publishers to find the right consumers for their app or game, companies have turned to pay-per-install advertising campaigns to help consumers discover and download their apps. Mobile pay-per-install advertising is extremely valuable to companies who do it well, but there are many ways that companies might unknowingly “do it wrong.”

If your company is trying to get started acquiring users via pay-per-install advertising, or if you want to Fake Oakley Sunglasses take your mobile advertising campaigns to the next level of success, here are a few tips for some common pay-per-install advertising mistakes to avoid:

  • Not testing and refining your ads: One of the biggest mistakes that many first-time pay-per-install buyers make is to assume that the first version of the ad is correct – they publish ads and buy installs without first going through the process of testing and making adjustments as needed. A small amount of additional investment in testing and refining ads can pay big dividends down the road. In general, the three most important aspects of your ad to test are 1. The offer, 2. The creative and 3. The Message. If you take the time to isolate and develop each of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses these three aspects of your mobile advertising, you will have a significant advantage over your less organized competitors.
  • Not designing for the small screen: Just like a big-screen 2-hour movie is different from a 30-minute TV show, with different creative parameters and limitations, mobile advertising design Fake Oakleys requires a specific approach. What works in a TV ad or a larger format online banner ad certainly won’t work in mobile. This means: keep your copy short and specific – give the consumer a clear understanding of the benefit of downloading your app. Identify your brand, make the consumer an offer, and make it easy for them to accept your offer (by clicking for a free download, etc.). Ultimately, keep it simple and don’t try to force unnecessary messages in to your ad creative.
  • Not thinking internationally: Most smartphone users are located outside the U.S. and most app developers & publishers can generate substantial revenue in countries like France, Germany, Korea, Japan and others, but many mobile advertisers still use only English in their advertising campaigns. If you’re going to invest in pay-per-install advertising outside the US, consider paying a bit more to have your ads translated into other languages for other countries – this will help to increase conversion rates and drive down your paid eCPM.
  • Not measuring results: Pay-per-install advertising is exciting not only for ability to attract new consumers, but also for Replica Oakley Sunglasses the new levels of tracking and accountability. Unfortunately, too many mobile ad buyers make the mistake of not taking advantage of the tools such as MobileAppTracking to track and measure the results of their mobile advertising campaigns. These tools give you the power to identify which advertisers are most effective, which types of customers are more likely to make a purchase post download, and many other pieces of useful data to refine and improve your pay-per-install advertising efforts over time. If you are able to identify which advertising partner or campaign drives the highest consumer LTV – you can adjust your spend and increase your ROAS.
  • Not adapting your advertising for all devices/platforms: This one sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many buyers fail to ensure that their mobile advertising campaigns are fully compatible with all of the target devices and platforms that they’re trying to reach. If you’re trying to reach iPhone, Android and iPad users, make sure that your entire mobile ad campaign is set up to function properly on all of these platforms and optimized for their respective high-res displays. Or, use the GameHouse Promotion Network which only requires 1 set of high-res assets to reach every platform & device. :-)

Pay-per-install advertising is still relatively new and there are going to be some growing pains as companies adapt to the new opportunities of this market. But you can make your own company’s learning curve a lot less painful by avoiding some of these big mistakes.

What’s your take on this? What are some big pay-per-install advertising mistakes that you’ve seen from your own company (or more likely, from your competitors)? 


By Ryan Morel

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